Glamping in New Jersey

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Welcome to the Garden State, home to stunning coastlines, lush forests, beautiful farmlands, and the vibrant city life of much-loved cities like Newark and Jersey City! New Jersey may be petite, but it unquestionably knows how to pack a punch, making it an undeniable treasure trove for the travel aficionados €“ and now €“ the glamorous campers or “glampers”.

Trust us, when we say, New Jersey is a state of extraordinary contrasts. On one hand, it’s celebrated for its sun-kissed beaches and waterfront citadels; on the other, it’s loved for its bucolic countryside and diverse ecology. This region uniquely combines adventure and luxury, drawing in glamour enthusiasts seeking a one-of-a-kind camping experience in its mesmerizing wilderness.

Join us as we explore the increasing trend of Glamping in New Jersey, where the captivating allure of Mother Nature blends seamlessly with luxury camping! Whether it’s in the verdant Delaware Water Gap, the picturesque Appalachian Trail, or the tranquil Island Beach State Park, each destination promises serenity, adventure, and an irresistible date with the great outdoors. Buckle up and prepare to be dazzled by the majestic beauty New Jersey offers to every glamper out there.

Glamping in New Jersey

Glamping at Camp Gateway – Sandy Hook


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