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For those of us who frequently answer the call of the great outdoors, camping whistles may seem like an easily overlooked accessory. But, let me assure you, this small piece of equipment can actually play a crucial role in determining the overall camping experience. Welcome, fellow adventurers, to my whistle-stop virtual tour through the world of camping whistles.

Allow me to clarify something right from the outset. I am not wired to promote any manufacturer’s products for financial gain. As an independent observer, my research and reviews are driven solely by my personal interest and enthusiasm. For the past month, I embarked on a mission to find the best camping whistle available in the market. Of course, in order to evaluate and rate them, I first needed a benchmark. Drawing from my past experiences and extensive research, I crafted my yardstick for the perfect camping whistle. It should be loud, durable, lightweight, easy to use, pealess, strikingly colored, and multifunctional. Additionally, it needs to be attachable, waterproof, and noncorrosive.

And then, the quest began. I looked at each whistle available, noting their pros and cons. Some like the Uniwa High Volume Electronic Whistle scored wonderfully well on certain points such as emitting loud sounds at high volumes and user-friendliness. However, it came up short in other areas like lack of essential features such as a compass or thermometer and questions about its actual durability. On the other hand, products like the Wsyub Plastic Whistles had their own shortcomings, like not being completely waterproof and the plastic material might not be as durable as metal. This inherently demonstrated how varied these products can be and underlined the importance of personal needs when conducting such research.

In a nutshell, safe and successful camping experiences can often boil down to the finest details, and a whistle is certainly one such detail. So, make yourself comfortable, and prepare to dive deep into the specifics as I blow the lid off the best and worst whistles for camping.

Choosing a camping whistle is no simple task. Your perfect partner needs to be high-pitched enough to alert people from a distance, especially during emergencies. Its material should be strong, durable, yet lightweight for easy portability. You’ll want one that doesn’t puzzle you in stressful situations, perhaps a pealess design that works flawlessly in any weather. A bright color might not sound important, but it makes it easier to spot in a survival situation. Some may even come with added bonuses like a compass or flashlight. And don’t forget the lanyard for easy attachment. Ensuring it’s waterproof and non-corrosive will keep it reliable for longer. Happy camping!

UNIWA High Volume Electronic Whistle

The UNIWA 3 Pack Electronic Whistle is an innovative departure from the traditional whistle. Replacing the need to blow the whistle manually, this device emits a clear, loud sound at a push of a button, thanks to its electronic design. Sporting three vivid colors – black, red, and blue, these whistles are constructed from durable ABS material and are powered by 4 Cr2032 Lithium batteries. Their compact size makes them versatile for carrying and use across various outdoor sports, and they even come with a pouch for protection. Adjustable volumes cater to different situations, making them a smart choice for referees, coaches, and individuals in need of an SOS survival tool. Each pack contains three whistles, packaged attractively in a customized gift box – an excellent gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts. While navigating the outdoors, our top expectation includes a whistle that can emit loud sounds at high volumes. The UNIWA 3 pack electronic whistle does exactly that. Emitting loud, clear, and easily distinguishable sounds, it fulfills the set expectation. Moreover, their electronic design makes them user-friendly, eliminating the traditional need to blow the whistle manually. This quality also allows for the use of the whistle while giving directions simultaneously, providing a seamless flow during drills. Their compact size satisfies the demand for portability and is suitable for all indoor and outdoor sports activities.


Pros & Cons

Unfortunately, the whistle design does not include some features we anticipated, like a compass, thermometer, flashlight – features that could be essential in a survival situation. Additionally, while the product claims to be durable, the material used is ABS plastic, which may not withstand harsh outdoor conditions compared to metal, thereby raising questions about its actual durability. Further, there is no mention if the whistle is waterproof, corrosion-resistant, or pealess – all crucial factors that can affect the whistle’s long-term performance and reliability in varying weather conditions.

  • Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 5.83 x 5.24 x 1.77 inches
  • Weight: 0.08 Kilograms
  • Sound Frequency: Not provided
  • Maximum Decibel Output: Not provided
  • Weather Resistance: Not provided
  • Color Options: Black, Red, Blue
  • Additional Features: Adjustable Volume, Electronic Sound
  • Manufacturer: UNIWA
  • Safety Certifications: Not provided

WSYUB Plastic Whistles

The product under review is a set of 72 multi-colored plastic whistles from WSYUB, a China-based manufacturer. These lightweight whistles come in five vibrant colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and orange. Each whistle is affixed with a string, making it easy to hang around the neck or attach to a backpack. The whistle set is packaged in a compact box measuring 12 x 7 x 1 inches and weighs 11.2 ounces. They are marketed as great giveaway items or toys for children, useful for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, boating, or fishing.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer: WSYUB (China)
  • Color Options: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange
  • Additional Features: String for easy attachment/detachment
  • Safety Certifications: Not stated by the manufacturer

Pros & Cons

The WSYUB whistle set offers several advantages. Its high-pitched sound can be heard from far distances, making it a reliable safety device. Made of sturdy plastic material, these whistles are durable and weather-resistant. Their bright colors make them easy to spot, reducing the chances of losing them. The light weight and compact size of the whistle make it convenient for outdoor use. Our research has shown that these whistles have been used in various scenarios: from being a fun addition to gift bags at events to being a practical survival tool during camping.

While the WSYUB whistle set has many positives, there are also some drawbacks based on our research. First, the set does not include any whistle with additional features such as a compass, thermometer, or flashlight, which could be useful in survival situations. Also, while these whistles are indeed lightweight and portable, they don’t seem to meet the expectation of being completely waterproof. Moreover, the plastic material may not be as robust or long-lasting as metal. Lastly, there is a minor packaging issue in which pulling out one whistle pulls out strings from others, which can be a minor annoyance.

Hipat Camping Whistles

The Hipat Whistle is a product designed for use in outdoor activities and emergencies, made of durable nylon plastic. The brand offers a package of 12 brightly colored, red whistles, each equipped with a lanyard for easy carry and access. The product promises loud and crisp sound, with the capability of reaching up to 120 decibels. Made environmental-friendly and non-toxic, the Hipat Whistle aims to cater to situations calling for public attention or self-defense. This whistle seems to place importance on the user’s ease, safety, as well as the environment.


Pros & Cons

The Hipat Whistle ticks a lot of the boxes in our list of expectations. Its bright color, portability, and the included lanyard make it easily recognizable and accessible. The promising 120dB sound is another plus, potentially catching attention in outdoor situations. It is simple and easy to use – no special skills are needed to blow a whistle. The durable, non-toxic plastic ensures longevity of the product and safety of its users. It is also designed to resist harm caused by outdoor elements.

On the downside, the Hipat Whistle misses on a few aspects based on our research. Unlike the ideal whistle in our expectations, this whistle might not be waterproof or even water-resistant, potentially being a drawback in wet conditions. It also does not appear to have a pealess design or additional features like a compass, thermometer, signal mirror, or flashlight. Furthermore, it is made of plastic, not necessarily the most durable material when compared to metal.

Fya Camping Whistle

The Fya Whistle is a compact and lightweight signal device made for various uses such as in sports, watersports, and outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, or camping. Manufactured from high-impact ABS plastic, these whistles ensure durability and easy use. They guarantee a high sound frequency reaching up to 120dB, which stresses commanding attention in any situation. Each whistle is accompanied with a comfortable lanyard for flexibility. There are two black whistles included in every package, and they promise 100% satisfaction guarantee. Made by Fya, a well-known name in the sports and outdoors field, these whistles prioritize safety and effectiveness above all else.


  • Material: High-impact ABS Plastic
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 4.13 x 2.83 x 0.75 inches
  • Weight: 0.02 Kilograms (per package)
  • Sound Frequency: Up to 120dB
  • Weather Resistance: Not specified
  • Color Options: Black
  • Additional Features: Soft, comfortable lanyard
  • Manufacturer: Fya
  • Safety Certifications: Not specified

Pros & Cons

Fya Whistles tick several boxes on the list of desired qualities for the perfect camping whistles. They are loud, easy to use, and lightweight, living up to our research expectation of a high-pitched sound that can be heard from a significant distance. Made from durable ABS plastic, these whistles also meet the requirement for strength and resistance to harsh conditions. The inclusion of a soft, comfortable lanyard makes the whistles easily accessible and adds to their portability. Despite not having a pealess design, this whistle performs admirably, commanding attention effectively. At a reasonable price point, they provide commendable value for their cost.

However, the Fya Whistles have a few shortcomings when compared to our expectations. The lack of a pealess design means they run the risk of getting jammed or freezing in cold weathers. Our research has also shown that the pea can occasionally get stuck in the opening, producing a high-pitched squeal rather than the usual vibrating whistle sound. Additionally, while the whistles are made of sturdy ABS plastic, they are not described as waterproof or noncorrosive, lessening their reliability in variable weather conditions. Lastly, the whistles come in a singular color – black, which isn’t as visible as brighter colors in emergency situations.

SUBANG Camping Whistles

These SUBANG whistles deliver on most expectations, with loud noise, portability, easy use, bright colours, and added lanyards. However, there’s no mention of a pealess design or additional tools. The lanyards are also reportedly easy to break, impacting the durability factor.

Reflections on the Top Pick: Uniwa High Volume Electronic Whistle

After thoroughly examining the features, pros, and cons of multiple camping whistles against our ideal benchmark, it was a fascinating exercise to arrive at the Uniwa High Volume Electronic Whistle as my top pick. It has left an impression with its innovative quality – the electronic design. This deviation from a manual, traditional piece represents a promising technological accomplishment that enhances the user’s experience. This feature alone, succeeds in creating a seamless balance between practicality and convenience, allowing loud sounds to be easily disseminated in an instant without the bodily exertion normally associated with manual whistles.

Despite the inability of the Uniwa whistle to fulfill every criterion of our expectations, especially in holistic utility, durability and weather resistance, it stands tall in areas that others lag in. Notably, its adjustable volumes cater to different situations whereas the alternatives, with their single volume setting, fail to offer such versatility. In fact, the daring departure from the tradition and consequent improvements makes the Uniwa whistle outshine others despite certain drawbacks. Anyhow, the journey to crown a singular whistle as the ideal was veined with intricate analysis and decision-making based on performance as well as alignment with our set benchmark. This led us to appreciate even the smallest functional features like portability, sound clarity, and simple mechanics, that ensure their pragmatic impact over the grandeur of extraneous tools. Remembering at the end of the day, the whistle’s primary function is to sound an alert, which the Uniwa High Volume Electronic Whistle does par excellence.


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