Sustainable Outdoor Weddings

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If you’re considering hosting an outdoor wedding and you’re passionate about being environmentally friendly, a sustainable outdoor wedding could be the perfect choice for you. Organizing a sustainable wedding not only shows your commitment to each other but also to the planet, making your special day truly unique, memorable, and meaningful.

What then, are the elements of a wedding that can be turned more sustainable and eco-friendly?

Borrowing insights from Brides, let’s start with the decorations. Consider using eco-friendly materials for your wedding decorations. Options are aplenty: from biodegradable confetti to lanterns and fairy lights powered by solar energy, and table linens made of organic fabrics. Hiring local vendors who prioritize sustainability is also a great idea. Also, by hosting your wedding outdoor, you take advantage of natural settings and daylight, which significantly reduces energy usage compared to a traditional indoor venue.

Now, how about making your wedding feast an environmentally friendly affair?

This is where sustainable catering companies, like Green Mill Catering, play an important role. These companies source ingredients locally, minimizing carbon footprint associated with food transportation. They also emphasize fresh preparation and minimize waste at every stage of their operations. Other sustainable practices include providing plant-based food options and recycling wherever possible. Your menu could be as environmentally friendly as the rest of your wedding!

Remember, planning a sustainable wedding doesn’t just contribute to the environmental well-being of our planet today, but it also ensures a healthier world for the generations to come.

So where can you find eco-friendly outdoor wedding venues?

  • Historic Ashland in Pennsylvania: This venue is committed to sustainable practices like achieving a net-zero carbon footprint and running on 100% solar power.
  • Franklin Park Conservatory in Ohio: Set amidst 88 acres of lush greenery, this venue is the perfect location for nature lovers.
  • The Inn at Serenbe in Georgia: This place focuses on sustainability, offering eco-friendly cottages and a menu of farm-to-table fare.
  • Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona: By choosing this venue, you’ll be supporting their research and conservation efforts.

Every sustainable choice you make for your wedding is a tangible expression of your love and respect for Mother Earth.

Planning a sustainable outdoor wedding in the USA requires thoughtful consideration of every single aspect, from the choice of venue to the decorations and the food you serve your guests. By making environmentally friendly choices, you are creating a memorable event that celebrates not just your love for each other but also for the world we live in. It’s a delight to imagine the wedding photographs capturing these beautiful memories against the backdrop of nature, and to know that even the joy of your wedding contributes in some small way to preserving the planet for future generations. Remember, sustainable wedding planning isn’t just a trend, it’s a commitment to our planet and the perfect way to embark on your journey together.


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